We had the pleasure and honor of photographing baby Landon for the first…. ok maybe 10,000th time. Although this was his first professional photo shoot. I think this kid may have some modeling in his future too 😉   If photos could speak I think he may be saying…..Listen to the sound of my people. […]

We had the honor of being a part of Alycia and Tim’s wedding at Preston Ridge Vineyard last month and man these two know how to party even if its down pouring. The connection they share with each other is truly amazing. We started the day getting ready in the bridal sweet they have right […]

We had the honor of photographing Dennis & Tekhara’s wedding a few weeks ago and it was amazing. We have gotten to know them more and more and are so happy that we got to spend their wedding day with them too 🙂 Our day started getting ready at the Hyatt Place in Uncasville.  They […]

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of hanging out with Lauren & Gary for a fun adventure to Chamard Vineyard to photograph their forever session. From our first time meeting them you could see the fire in their eyes for each other. It was electric, some serious chemistry going on over there 😉 […]

I woke up on a beautiful bright and sunny Sunday, hit the local Starbucks filled with excitement to celebrate  Sara & Eric’s wedding with them. Then headed up to Foxwoods to photograph some getting ready. When I walked in door the room with filled with laughter and excitement for the day ahead. As the girls were getting […]

Jessica and Frank have a truly unique kind of love. The simple way they look at each other, the way his hand fits in hers, you know that when they were created it was for each other 😉 They had such an amazing story leading up to how they met and how the first time […]

Not to long ago we met Yvonne & Ryan and from that point we had sometime huge to look forward to. You see they weren’t having a typical wedding, they were having a themed wedding. No it wasn’t something fancy or a disney movie (well I guess it could relate to a disney movie 😉 […]

A few weeks ago we had the privilege to photograph Tekhara and Dennis’ forever session. Let me just say this session was amazing! From the beautiful location to having the opportunity to photograph them with a plane and a boat It didn’t matter what what in the background for these two and believe me they […]

We were honored to spend the day with Kristyn & Candido, as they renewed their wedding vows in front of their family and friends. The setting couldn’t have been any more perfect Light House Point Carousel was a location that truly captured the fun loving nature of this couple. From the beautifully written vows to […]

Back in January Bruno decided to ask Diana to wake up next to him for the rest of their lives. Now as most of you guys know, when you know, you know. Although no one tells you that it is one of the most nerve racking moments of your life. Your palms sweat, you forget […]