Dennis & Tekhara | Engagement Session | Goodspeed Opera House

A few weeks ago we had the privilege to photograph Tekhara and Dennis’ forever session. Let me just say this session was amazing! From the beautiful location to having the opportunity to photograph them with a plane and a boat
It didn’t matter what what in the background for these two and believe me they had some awesome backgrounds from the Goodspeed Opera House to a plane at Goodspeed Airport to a boat at the Midway Marina.

IMG_6034 JM_12378


I mean seriously Calvin Klein models watch out these two killed it!

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My favorite part about doing Forever Sessions is that we get to take a glimpse into our couples lives. As a unit they are so much more than getting all the details ready for their wedding day. When the wedding is over and everyone has gone home and the wedding hangover has passed. The couple will still be there together.




How they cuddle with each other. How he loves the way she smiles and she loves his laugh. How every morning she signs and he loves joining in. Those are the moments that should be cherished. Those are the moments that we get to celebrate with our couples during the Forever Session. A time that is just about them with none of the other noise that comes with planning a wedding.

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When Dennis looks at Tekhara I can see how much he loves her. He loves the way she looks, he loves her hair, and he loves the way that the corners of her mouth take shape when she smiles. She loves his smile and how he takes her hand in his while they drive in the car. The passion between these two is palpable and something that Jason and I loved photographing. They were so natural with each other and even in the awkward moments they would look at each other and laugh it away. Dennis and Tekhara were game for anything from asking a very nice gentleman if we could take some photos of his plane at the Goodspeed Airport to taking pictures with a boat at the Midway Marina. I mean seriously not only is this couple gorgeous but they have such a genuine love for each other that we were honored to be able to photograph them.

Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, CT
Goodspeed Airport in East Haddam, CT
Eagle Landing State Park, Haddam, CT
Blue Oar in Haddam, CT
Midway Marina in Haddam, CT