Happy Mother’s day to all of the amazing Women out there that have earned the title MOM. Remember MOM upside down is WOW 😉 And to the most amazing woman I know, and someone I am lucky enough to call my wife and the Mother of my children, Maggie. You are the heart and soul […]

So around Christmas, Maggie and I decided that we wanted to give Wyatt the gift of a sibling. After about 30 seconds of strenuous practice magic happened, and we were expecting a new addition in September. Now let me in on a little secret, I was nervous at first. The thought of being able to […]

With lots of practice and excitement Wyatt has some fun news to share with you all 🙂

Every year Maggie and I go to one of the largest photography conference’s and trade shows in America. We always tend to go out a few days before it starts, first I always find it’s cheaper to fly on Wednesday’s 😉 It also gives us some adventure time. Last year we took a few small […]

Why Maggie and I hired a Business Coach. Maggie and I, are asked about our business and our lives on a pretty regular basis, and I am so, happy to share our experience with you. I started my career as a full time professional photographer in 2008, I LOVED photography, I loved people, and I […]

If there is something that I believe in more than anything else in this life, it is LOVE. I also believe that there is a love at first sight. I recall the first time I saw Maggie like it was today, we were interviewing for the same job as EMT’s. She was wearing grey dress […]

Its Groundhog day, and unfortunately Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow.  But on the positive side, its my birthday 🙂 Now if you know Maggie and I, you know we love good food. To take it one step further I LOVE to cook for my family and friends. It can be such a intimate, and playful […]

Education and community are super important to Maggie and I. We believe that it is the backbone not only to life but also the photo community. So after hearing that lots of talented local photographers in our local Shoot & Share-Connecticut group wanted to practice their craft during these dull winter months, Maggie and I […]

Last night Maggie and I were honored to attend the Year End Gala put on by Engaged Connecticut at the Wadsworth Mansion. It was an amazing time hanging out with so many talented professionals. Check out a list (at the bottom of the post) of just a few of the cool peeps that made it […]

Here at the Henriques household we value family wholeheartedly and this year was something special for sure. Our little man Wyatt is just a few months shy of being 2 years old, so now he is starting to get the concept of Christmas. I loved Christmas as a kid, I remember waking up super early to […]